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Food Packaging Production Line


With the rapid development of the food industry, food packaging production line ushered in market increments. The extensive use of food packaging machinery and equipment not only improves the packaging efficiency, continuously improves the packaging industrialization level, ensures the packaging quality, but also plays a great role in improving the working conditions of workers and saving labor costs. In this situation, the TFD-CF4 automatic food packaging production line took up!

TFD-CF4 food packaging production line integrates automatic feeding, alignment, distribution, and packing without workers and is widely used in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and other industry which products are round, square, and bar.

Food packaging production line Advantages:

1.Simple and practical multi-channel sorting mechanism;

2.High-precision photoelectric detection system;

3.Power steering and automatic discharge system;

4.Automatic packaging machine knife sealing mechanism;

5.The power servo driving system ensures excellent performance.

The Main Technological paramèter:

model TFD-CF4
Main feeding belt width 600mm / 800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm
Packing speed 50-200tas / min
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Total power (KW) Miturut kahanan nyata
ukuran machine (L)9500 x (W)7500 x (H) 1500mm According to the actual situation

The main function characteristics:

1.This equipment could be connected to the production line directly, or to put the product into it by hand.

2.Equipment designed by product characteristics to avoid product extruding, when product in failure condition, remove unacceptable one without machine stop, to guarantee production and packing process continuously and stably.

3.Adopt multi-variable frequency conversion speed regulation, servo drive control, simple and convenient operation, stable operation, high control accuracy, and low energy consumption.

4.Adopt stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure, humanized design, easy installation, repair, maintenance.

5.Fully automatic feeding, alignment, orienting, distribution, and packing.

At present, the type of food packaging production line is becoming more and more abundant. There are flow wrapping machines, vacuum packaging machines, weighing packaging machines, bag-type automatic packaging machines, multi-functional packaging machines, and so on. Ilmu Foshan TEFUDE Automation & Teknologi Co., Ltd punika Supplier specialized ing peralatan packaging bebas lan automation peralatan secondary-packaging lan layanan. Welcome hubungi kita!

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