Food packaging machine manufacturers and suppliers

Company Profile

Ilmu Foshan TEFUDE Automation & Teknologi Co., Ltd punika Supplier specialized ing peralatan packaging bebas lan automation peralatan secondary-packaging lan layanan.

Our company wis adhering kanggo konsep pembangunan inovatif, focusing on packaging equipment for plastic trays separating and loading automatically since the establishment, kang wis Applied kanggo lan dijupuk sawetara paten model sarana nasional lan paten penemuan nasional.

Karo klompok profesional experienced ing packaging otomatis, ngurutake lan transmisi, perusahaan wis setya nyediakake rencana lan peralatan kanggo packaging otomatis, transmisi pribadi lan tata cara prasaja, kang nduweni kemampuan kanggo nyedhiyani produk profesional, solusi lan layanan kanggo pelanggan lan partners ing pirang-pirang lapangan.

In terms of providing system solutions, TEFUDE Company has accumulated a wealth of experience, and can satisfy special customization requirements through innovative and flexible design and superior products.

TEFUDE Company adheres to the innovative development to provide innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions, and to provide customers with a full range of product services.

Company vision

  • Become a leading supplier of food packaging automation equipment
  • Become an excellent supplier of fully automatic equipment solutions.

Company Mission

  • Continue to supply products for our customers more than their expected
  • Make it easier for people to work

Core Values

  • Technology is the root, innovation is the soul, quality is the foundation
  • Continuous pursuit of leading Innovation
  • Respect the individual and constantly tap the potential of the individual
  • Do our best with great passion and willingness
  • striving for excellence and achieve win-win cooperation

We provide our customers

  • Pre-sales consulting services of products
  • Consulting / planning / design / manufacturing / implementation of automatic packaging system solutions
  • Product installation, commissioning and acceptance and comprehensive training for users and employees
  • Technical upgrading service and support for the sold products
  • Continuous supply of spare parts
  • Design and supply of non-standardized products

What do we want to do?

  • Efficient and reliable equipment
  • Good quality assurance service
  • Humanized product design in line with ergonomics
  • Products in line with industry standards
  • Use the best materials and the most advanced production technology
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Environmental protection concept

TEFUDE Company Service:

Adhere to the concept of "Customer first" to provide you with fast, high-quality service

Providing ongoing advice and project support, long-term consultant’s service.

Become a trusted partner to maximize mutual common benefit

TEFUDE Company has established a scientific, complete management system, through the introduction of customer needs, system planning, comprehensive implementation, and process management. Our full automatic packaging production line solution can help customers improve the productivity of the factory, reduce operating costs, meet the requirements of industry production standards, and create competitive advantages for customers. We hope that through our high-quality products and advanced technology, fast and efficient service, as well our cooperation and joint effort to contribute to the development of China's food industry.